PIMS-Platinum Demo Request

Welcome to the PIMS Demo download section.  We have both a Macintosh and Windows PC version of a Single-User PIMS available for you to download and play with, including all Modules.

We actually let you download the latest “BETA” version of PIMS, which has our newest features and no limitations to what you can do.

Just fill out the form below and click “Submit”, and we’ll e-mail you a link to the Demo download of your choice.

Other than the download link, WE WILL NOT CONTACT OR OTHERWISE BOTHER YOU!  We’re business people too, and we don’y like to be bothered just because we downloaded something.  That said, please feel free to contact us or an authorized PIMS Reseller for help with the Demo.  A few e-mails and/or phone calls could greatly answer your needs.  Again, that’s up to you :-)

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