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PIMS - Professional Inventory Management System

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ExecUtron has been offering PIMS on DeskTop computers since 1985.  Prior to that, it was named “Reggie” and ran on the original Mac 512, Apple III, and DEC PDP-11 back as far as 1981.

Available For Both Mac and Windows PC

PIMS is the most advanced Inventory/Sales management system with POS and Accounting which allows a company of any size to manipulate different Inventories (both Finished Goods and Components) to the fullest extent possible. PIMS allows Users to have unlimited searching, sorting, reporting and updating capabilities. With over 11,000 functions available, PIMS meets or exceeds the needs of most any business. Whether your business is simple Point-Of-Sale (POS) Retail, Mail Order, Manufacturing, Aerospace, University, or even a Service Provider that has no Inventory what-so-ever, PIMS has the functionality you need to operate your business in an efficient, integrated,  and comprehensive manner.

No other program on the market today offers as many business functions as PIMS, at any price or scale!

With ever shrinking margins, every business today needs to use technology to gain the competitive edge, reduce costs, and enhance services in an ever changing market. PIMS was designed with this in mind and pioneered such state-of-the-art features as DeskTop Client/Server architecture, Plug-In technology (for specific End-User customization), Automated Internet Integration, Clairvoyant Look-ups, and true Cross-Platform compatibility.

PIMS is available as either a Client/Server system with a single server and multiple Clients connected, or as a stand-alone “Single-User” application.  Either configuration can have multiple physical locations where “Data-Syncing” takes place to keep all locations up-to-date and alike.  This is more than just “mirroring”, as intelligence is in place to make sure certain records adhere to a well defined hierarchy.

True Cross-Platform Application:

PIMS is a truly “cross-platform” system, meaning that any combination of Mac and Windows Clients can tie into either a Mac or windows server.  This is done using advanced technologies.  PIMS is NOT based on JAVA or any other type of WEB based solutions.  It’s also not written in “BASIC”, like other POS systems.  PIMS is a good old-fashioned double-clickable application compiled for the platform it’s running on.  As a matter of fact, PIMS is a single app even with all of it’s Modules.  There’s no “linking”, “exporting”, or anything of the like to “glue” functions together.  This is a truly integrated system in “real-time”! 

PIMS Is Made Up Of The Following Modules.  Most Are Included, While Others Are A Paid Option:

This is the main splash-screen of PIMS.  This is the core of the system.  From here, you can work with the following:

  • Inventory
  • Vendors
  • Product Categorization/Sub-Categorization/Grouping, Etc.
  • “Family Coding”
  • Departments
  • Orders: quotes/Salesorders/Invoices/POS
  • Purchasing/Receiving
  • RMAs’Employees
  • Customers
  • Reporting
  • Payment Types & Credit Card Processing Set-up
  • Gift Card Processing
  • Tax Jurisdictions
  • Job Records & Set-up
  • Lot Numbers
  • Serial Numbers
  • Inventory Reconciliations

This is the fully integrated EDC Accounting in PIMS.  This is the core of the accounting and automated bookkeeping functions.  From here, you can work with the following:

This is the fully integrated Calendar Module in PIMS.   You can manually create different calendars that are company-wide or for specific Employees.  A calendar is automatically created for each Employee.  Not only can you manually manipulate your various events, but PIMS will automatically log the following:

PIMS has the capability to import and export data from it’s datafile.  For exporting, you basically have access to most of the data stored in PIMS.  This can be exported to anything, including Excel.  PIMS is so comprehensive, that exporting is a rarely used function in PIMS.  PIMS can also import data from just about anything.  This is critical for the initial set-up and installation of PIMS, as we need to get data from your depreciated systems.  This is critically important!

PIMS has a complete “Forms Designer” system built-in to allow you to customize the following printed output templates:

PIMS comes with a complete selection of stock templates for each of the above, including Customer Deposit receipts, SRO estimates, etc.  You can have as many of each category of template as you like, and can set defaults by PIMS terminal, Customer, Vendor, etc.  We can even use our Plug-In technology to customize highly specialized Invoice templates with critical machining data from Manufacturing, special disclaimer text (like AppleCare), specific industry monetary and quantity translation, etc.  There’s nothing that can’t be done for your printed output needs!

PIMS is so comprehensive and has so many functions, that there’s always several ways to accomplish the same goal.  Some ways are better than others, for your specific business.  This is why we built-in a comprehensive “WiKi” system into PIMS.  This allows you to create your own internal notes and documentation system specific to various areas of PIMS.  You can document specific procedures for your technicians, detail-out how you expect sales personnel to handle returns, etc.  You can type anything you like, attached documents, and anything else you need to do to create a living handbook on day to dat operations. 

PIMS has a fully integrated Assembly (light manufacturing) Module built-in, and is optional for an additional fee.  It allows for no less than the following:

PIMS has a fully integrated Service/Report Module built-in, and is optional for an additional fee.  It is one of our most powerful Modules, and even has an optional “Apple Dealer” toolkit that can exceed the needs of third-party Apple Service departments (including full GSX integration).  This Module is so comprehensive that you really need to see it in action!  For now, marvel in this short list of capabilities:

GSX Functions:

AppleCare Connect:

Again, this is just a sampling…

With this optional Module, PIMS can handle multi-location businesses.  You can set-up as many physical and virtual Locations as needed, and PIMS will use proprietary Data-Syncing to make sure all Locations act as one.  Unlike datafile “mirroring”, our Data-Sync uses intelligence and hierarchy to determine if a Location’s records should replace those at the “Main” Location.  This keeps the workflow moving smoothly.  This also includes location “polling” and automated transfers between locations to maintain availability and minimize unnecessary backorders.

With this optional Module, PIMS connects to popular eCommerse sites such as ShopSite Pro, as well as giving remote internet access to it’s data.

When connecting to sites such as ShopSite Pro, PIMS can automatically download and process on-line Orders as well as uploading any modified Inventory, Customers, etc.

When allowing access to it’s data (optional and requiring access Plug-Ins), such things as WEB Portals can allow Customers to view and pay outstanding Invoices, Service Portals can allow remote service organizations to create SROs in your main system, etc.  Basically, this gives PIMS “APIs” (application programmer interfaces) to allow any number of WEB and iOS apps to be created.

With this optional Module, PIMS can process “Subscription Billing” and processing for any item in Inventory that can be subscribed to.  This includes Newspapers/Magazines, WEB Site access, monthly maintenance, etc.  This includes the automatic generation of associated Invoices with products specific to a given Customer.

Automated “Recurring Billing” can also be set up to periodically bill Customers for specific products and/or functions.  All accounting and bookings are handled for you automatically, with proper “Income” or “Liability” accounts referenced.

With this optional Module, PIMS can process all aspects of Renting and rental Inventory.  The following are some of the Rental functions available in PIMS with this Module:


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