** The best way to be notified if a PIMS update is available is to follow ExecUtron on Twitter as “#EXECUTRON” (www.twitter.com/executron)

Updates to PIMS applications are regulated by PIMS purchase date and/or the status of a Support Contract.

When purchasing PIMS, you get a limited time of free “Sub-Version” Updates.  After that, you are only eligible for Updates based on your current Support Contract.  This does not include full product “Upgrades”.

The difference between an “Update” and an “Upgrade”:

An “Update” is a change in “Sub-Version”, which generally represents what’s called a “Maintenance” or “Interim” version of PIMS.  For example, and Update would be going from “v14.0.4.2” to “v14.0.4.3”.  Notice the “14” didn’t change.  However, something to the right of the “14” did.  This is an “Update”.

An “Upgrade” is an entirely new version of PIMS where the “Master Version” changes.  An example would be “v14.0.4.3” to “v15.0.2.0”.  Notice how we changed from “14…” to “15…”.  This is an “Upgrade”, and usually has a cost associated with it regardless of Support Contract status.

Full Upgrades happen every few years, whereas Maintenance Updates could happen as frequent as every month (to stay current).

There are special Updates generally not made public called “Interim” Updates.  These are denoted by a letter following the version number.  An example would be “v14.0.4.3m”.  To receive these Updates, you need to be invited to a special download link.  These are usually for industry-specific Updates that don’t generally involve the entire PIMS User-base.

To check to see if an Update/Upgrade is available, select “Check For PIMS Updates…” from the main “File” menu:

If a new version exists, you will be prompted to download it.  At that point, your eligibility for an Update will be checked for availability…

If you wish to check your eligibility ahead of time,  you can do so by selecting “Check Account At ExecUtron…” from the main “File” menu:

This function will tie into our Authentication system and return the current status of your account:




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